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Girl in a lab, STEM and Non-Sterotypes

What do we mean by STEM and Non-Stereotypes clothing?

STEM is a term that groups together the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is a popular and trending topic in education, because it encourages curiosity and innovation in children. STEM gives the creative child the tools for tackling real-world, modern questions. However, outside of schools the term STEM is not commonly used or recognized; this is also the case with children's clothing. 

Furthermore, it is plain to see gender stereotypes in our society. Even from a very early age, men are assigned the role of workers, and women are to be caregivers. In children’s clothing, this locks the offering of STEM topics to boys, and other forms of creativity to girls. 
Prisma Kiddos seeks to challenge this status-quo! Check out our website for STEM inspired clothes,


STEM – short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It’s a term that often brings to mind images of men in lab coats, working with robotics and beakers. But STEM is so much more than that – it’s an essential part of our world. From the phone in your pocket to the medicine you take when you’re sick, STEM disciplines are responsible for countless everyday miracles.


Girl in a Lab, STEM and Non stereotypes for boys and girls. Prisma Kiddos is inspired on STEM and Non Stereotypes to create clothes for boys and girls


Schools across the Globe have already recognized the value of STEM. On all educational levels, curriculums have changed from teaching these subjects separately, now integrating them into projects that encourage children to think holistically across these areas. Parents reading this might remember how we used to go from Science class to Math class – somewhat boring and never really connected. Well – that is hopefully a thing of the past! With STEM, schools are looking to engage curious kids and their wholesome creativity. Some are even ahead of the curve, evolving to STEAM, now combining Art with Technology.  

However, outside of Academia, we find very little encouragement for STEM. Children’s clothing is no exception. When we go to stores or browse online, we may find beautiful designs and color combinations. We easily find articles that will let us cheer on our favorite teams or superheroes. That’s all great! However, it is very seldom that we find an engaging STEM design. At Prisma Kiddos, we’re pitching in on the effort - for parents keep feeding those curious little minds, in a fun and fashionable way outside of school!

STEM and non Stereotypes, boy watering the flowers


We have quickly realized that the topic of gender equality is closely related to STEM. These disciplines have been historically regarded as preparation for male-dominated professional fields. Girls are often prepared for women’s traditional roles as care-takers, and are often discouraged from pursuing careers in STEM fields. Again, this is gradually changing, as more and more academic and cultural organizations are working to promote gender equality in STEM. But this also breaks down outside of school. Toys, clothes, and other activities outside the classroom are still split along hard lines of gender stereotypes.

We know the truth is that anyone can be good at STEM if they’re willing to put in the work. It's important to break down gender stereotypes and give girls the confidence to pursue their interests. Forward-thinking educational and cultural institutions are already helping empower girls with access to STEM education and resources. Prisma Kiddos is meeting that by offering our first collections of girls’ dresses with designs around STEM and outside gender stereotypes. Dinosaurs, trains, outer space, etc. are for everyone to enjoy.


Girl playing with cars, STEm and Non stereotypes for boys and girls. Prisma Kiddos is inspired on STEM and Non Stereotypes to create clothes  for boys and girls

We are also very excited to take the converse journey and challenge the stereotypes assigned to boys. We also want to promote the interests of those sensitive, creative minds that can contribute vividly to society in fields typically assigned to women (visual arts, cuisine, medicine, nature, to name a few). Only then can we achieve true gender equality. 

For now, I would like to initiate our series of Prisma Kiddos blogs with stories of women who are outstanding professionals in the STEM world and have overcome all types of obstacles to be who they are today. Happy reading!  

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