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Girls are really good too at science, math, engineering and technology. Prisma Kiddos dresses for girls

Celebrating Women in Science!

Welcome, parents, to a celebration close to our hearts - International Women and Girls in Science Day! Observed in Feb 11, this day is rooted in the United Nations' recognition of the need for greater gender representation in STEM. It shines a spotlight on the invaluable role women play in scientific discovery and innovation. By celebrating their accomplishments, we encourage more girls to pursue their passions in STEM and challenge societal norms.

Girls love science, math, engineering and arts. Prisma Kiddos kids clothes without limits

This is so important that it ties in with Goal 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is all about making sure everyone, regardless of gender, has the same opportunities. When we support and encourage girls in science, we're helping to make the world a fairer place for everyone. With education, speaking up for what's right, and giving our support, we can help open doors for all the budding scientists and engineers out there, creating a future where everyone can shine bright!

Girls like STEM too, prisma kiddos dresses for girls

And that's exactly why this topic is incredibly inspiring for PrismaKiddos. Our girls' clothing line isn't just about fashion; it's about breaking stereotypes and empowering girls to embrace their interests in STEM. Who says science-themed clothes are just for boys? At PrismaKiddos, we believe that every girl deserves to rock a cute and trendy dress adorned with spaceships, dinosaurs, and all things science! By challenging traditional norms and celebrating girls' love for STEM, we're doing our part to create a more inclusive and diverse world. We want to show girls that they can be anything they want to be, whether it's a scientist, engineer, artist, or all of the above! Through our clothing line, we're spreading the message that there are no limits to what girls can achieve, and we're thrilled to be a part of making the world a better place for future generations.

Girls love STEM too, Prisma Kiddos dresses for girls

In conclusion, let's break those stereotypes! Women can be anything they dream of, including scientists. But it's not just about challenging gender norms; at PrismaKiddos, we take on other important issues too, like fast fashion. You know, those clothes that fall apart after a few washes? Not cool, right? And what about our planet? It's not too happy about all that waste. That's why we're all about quality garments. We believe that investing in well-made clothes not only ensures they last longer but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Plus, we believe in eco-friendly practices and are committed to doing our part to protect the planet for future generations. And Yes, we are working on a blog about this important issue.

Girls love STEM too, prisma kiddos dresses for girls

Check out the links below for more on Women and Girls in Science. Share your ideas with us! We're all ears for how we can keep breaking stereotypes and empowering girls in STEM. Let's chat and make a difference together!


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